New Pax-Am Mike Viola Release!

      by JY



A new 7" vinyl release through Ryan Adam's Pax-Am label is available for pre-order now at Ryan's website!  You can also buy it direct from Mike himself (potentially with some other goodies) on his own store later today.

From Ryan Adams:

Mike is a genius. His songs are pure genius. He records himself though sometimes and he ruins everything. So I made him come to my studio and just him and me made music under the name Defcon 4 ( which is a really funny story where I tried to be friends with him for 4 FUCKING YEARS and he never really wrote back so I wrote him a mean email and he asked if we could please bring it down to Defcon 4 please… now we are true bros )…. Anyway he is a genius and I basically make him make stuff really quickly and not think about it.

When you do that to him he breaks your heart. Fuck you, Mike. You’re so smart you asshole. I love you. 

These tracks are assorted, a few from the first session we ever did together and a few from the concept record “I’m Going To Kill You” that Mike is making about going back in time and hunting his own self. 

I would do it for him but I am still ripping solos.