Hang on Mike

      by Candy Butchers

TrackTitleWritten By
1 What To Do With MichaelMike Viola
2 Nice To Know YouMike Viola
3 Unexpected TrafficMike Viola
4 Kiss Alive IIMike Viola
5 Hang On MikeMike Viola
6 PainkillersMike Viola
7 SuperkidMike Viola
8 Not So Bad At AllMike Viola
9 Let’s Have A BabyMike Viola
10 CharlieMike Viola
11 Sparkle!Mike Viola
12 Hunker DownMike Viola


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Perhaps for the first time in his career, Mike is no longer writing for an audience, but for himself, and the straightforward details of his life, at times joyous and at times terribly painful.

The album opens with a piano song that is both asks and declares What To Do With Michael. The answers are woven through the entire record on a backdrop of music that sounded like it was recorded in 1972.

“Keeping the music dry, the performances live, and recording onto tape were important for the sound of this record. The lyrics are stark and honest and I figured the sounds should be too.”

Providing backing vocals and support for the first time in ten years is original Candy Butcher Todd Foulsham. Kiss Alive II four tracks in is a tribute to their formative years lolling by the pool with their girlfriends fantasizing about “making it big”.

We are brought uncomfortably close to the premature death of Mike’s first wife Kim (one of the girls by the pool) then left to fend for ourselves as we reel through the sour memories of the fame people expected of him in his “rock prodigy” years on the song Superkid. “How can you be a rock prodigy? I mean, rock and roll is chords…how hard is that?”