Live at Joe's Pub - July 12, 2013

      by Mike Viola

TrackTitleWritten By
1 Sound Of My Own VoiceMike Viola
2 El Mundo de PerfectoMike Viola
3 Motel MoodMike Viola
4 Till You DieMike Viola
5 Break Your HeartMike Viola
6 SuperkidMike Viola
7 ClusterfuckMike Viola
8 Soundtrack Of My SummerMike Viola
9 Dollie and JaneMike Viola
10 Hair Of The DogMike Viola
11 Let’s Have A BabyMike Viola
12 What To Do With MichaelMike Viola
13 Kiss Alive IIMike Viola
14 Rowing SongMike Viola
15 Date NightMike Viola
16 Cupid Complained To VenusMike Viola
17 Jerkwater CountyMike Viola
18 Truckstop SweetheartMike Viola
19 Happy and NormalMike Viola
20 Sparkle!Mike Viola
21 Your Mother Should KnowLennon and McCartney
22 Girly WormMike Viola
23 Number CrunchMike Viola
24 You Belong To Me NowMike Viola
25 A Way To Say GoodbyeMike Viola
26 Just Before DarkMike Viola
27 Sandi BrightMike Viola
28 When I Hold You In My ArmsMike Viola
29 Good Ideas Grow On TreesMike Viola



Recorded with multiple cameras and using soundboard audio (except for the first minute).  Special thanks to Jamie Eng, Ellis Gage, Anne Markowski, and Dollie Banner for their footage.