Live at La Bonbonniere

      by Candy Butchers

TrackTitleWritten By
1 Bells on a LeperMike Viola
2 California GirlMike Viola
3 Cupid Complained To VenusMike Viola
4 Till You DieMike Viola
5 Canned HuntMike Viola


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Mike and Todd grew tired of being in rock bands “lugging shit around, or getting our friends to help lug shit around” from rock club to rock club. Out of sheer laziness and exasperation and an unwelcoming Boston music scene they discovered a leaner, simpler sound by stripping down their gear and their expectations and re-emerged in New York City as Candy Butchers. Live at La Bonbonniere was, and still is, a vital introductory nugget. It’s bristling with dark, smirking lyricism, earnest and rich harmonies, and insidious catchiness.