Unsung Heroes: A Celebration of Mike Viola

      by Various Artists
TrackTitleWritten By
1 Date NightMike Viola
2 ClusterfuckMike Viola
3 Sandi BrightMike Viola
4 There Goes My BabyKelly Jones / Mike Viola
5 Killing FloorMike Viola
6 Closet CutterMike Viola
7 Number CrunchMike Viola
8 You Belong To Me NowMike Viola
9 So Much BetterMike Viola
10 Hair Of The DogMike Viola
11 Maybe, Maybe NotMike Viola / Mary Wood
12 PainkillersMike Viola
13 Ode To Somethin' To Cry AboutMike Viola, Bleu an...
14 Good TimeMike Viola & Kate M...
15 A Life Without You (Is No Life At All)Mike Viola
16 Dear Mr. PresidentMike Viola and Dan Bern
17 Furry WallsMike Viola, Dan Ber...
18 279 East 10th StreetMike Viola
19 Here’s the RubMike Viola
20 Love Can Put It Back TogetherMike Viola and Lori...
21 Sound Of My Own VoiceMike Viola
22 El Mundo de PerfectoMike Viola
23 Good Ideas Grow On TreesMike Viola



On June 25, singer/songwriter Inara George hosted the fundraiser “Unsung Heroes: A Tribute To Mike Viola” at Largo in Los Angeles.  George (one half of the band The Bird and the Bee) is perhaps best known to Viola fans as the voice on the other half of the duet “A Way To Say Goodbye” from Mike’s live album “Just Before Dark” (also recorded at Largo).  The evening featured guest appearances by 14 different performers offering their own renditions of Viola songs before Mike took the stage to close the show with three numbers.  Highlights of the evening included Ryan Adams’ powerful take on “Here’s The Rub”, Bleu’s daring re-imaging of “Painkillers” and the debut of a new Viola song by Kate Micucci and Becky Stark.

Special thanks to the anonymous donor who captured and shared the show for all to experience!

Detailed Track Listing:

01 - Intro (Inara George)
02 - Date Night (Inara George)
03 - Clusterfuck (Inara George)
04 - Sandi Bright (The Living Sisters)
05 - There Goes My Baby (Philip Littel)
06 - Killing Floor (Philip Littel)
07 - Closet Cutter (Bryony Atkinson)
08 - Number Crunch (Bryony Atkinson)
09 - You Belong To Me Now (Dan Wilson)
10 - So Much Better (Wendy Wang)
11 - Hair of the Dog (Andrew McMahon)
12 - Maybe, Maybe Not (Susanna Hoffs)
13 - Painkillers (Bleu with Kelly Jones)
14 - Ode to Something To Cry About (Bleu with Kelly Jones)
15 - Good Time (Kat Micucci and Becky Stark)
16 - A Life Without You (Mike Andrews)
17 - Dear Mr President (Dan Bern)
18 - Furry Walls (Dan Bern)
19 - 279 East 10th Street (Dan Bern)
20 - Here's The Rub (Ryan Adams)
21 - Love Can Put It Back Together (Mandy Moore with Mike Viola)
22 - The Sound Of My Own Voice (Mike Viola)
23 - El Mundo De Perfecto (Mike Viola)
24 - Good Ideas Grow On Trees (Mike Viola)