Play With Your Head Outtakes

      by Candy Butchers

TrackTitleWritten By
1 StitchesMike Viola
2 Something SpecialMike Viola
3 Good Clean FunMike Viola
4 All Over The MapMike Viola
5 Hey RubeMike Viola
6 Say GoodbyeMike Viola
7 Won’t Last LongMike Viola
8 Won't Last Long Tid BitMike Viola
9 I Know Who You AreMike Viola
10 Filthy Dirty Rotten LucreMike Viola
11 Punching The SilenceMike Viola
12 Everything's DifferentMike Viola
13 Motel MoodMike Viola
14 HorndogMike Viola



In 2003, Mike Viola floated a number of outtakes from the "Play With Your Head" sessions to his fans, many which were compiled into the a 14-track "bootleg" release and distributed on an early fan website.   Over time, many of those tracks were lost and the seven unreleased tracks on the widely distributed "Play With Your Outtakes" are all that remained.  Here, with the help of Mike Viola, is the complete compilation as it was originally intended.