Play With Your Head

      by Candy Butchers

TrackTitleWritten By
1 Worry My DomeMike Viola
2 My Monkey Made A Man Out Of MeMike Viola
3 You Belong To Me NowMike Viola
4 Ruby’s Got A Big IdeaMike Viola
5 Tough HangMike Viola
6 Baby, It's a Long Way DownMike Viola
7 It’s A LineMike Viola
8 I Let Her Get AwayMike Viola
9 My Heart Isn’t In ItMike Viola
10 Make No MistakeMike Viola
11 Call Off The DogsMike Viola


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The critically acclaimed follow up album to ‘99’s Falling Into Place is a deceptive album, full of shadowed corners and waveringly false fronts, and a harsh maturity.

The first 5 tracks storm in much like his previous records, full of heady buzz and friendly hooks, all of it grounded by a rock and roll crunch that the band seems to have picked up along the way. “I wanted to make this record top heavy with catchy power pop, kind of get it out of the way.” Then disillusionment really sets in, and things start getting dark halfway through the record. The music and lyrics meander after some sort of meaning in life, becoming desperately obsessed with finding some message missed in the string of regrets that have become the past.

The third person perspective that Mike has employed for countless songs is ditched halfway through the record. His skill with pop hooks is used to cruel effect, ensuring our close presence during the ensuing disintegration. By the end we’ve left all extraneous noise behind and are left with only Mike, his guitar, and a life left in shreds on the floor. “Hush baby hush,” he finishes, “It’s almost over.”