Blue Thumb Demo Tapes

      by Candy Butchers

TrackTitleWritten By
1 Life MagazineMike Viola
2 California GirlMike Viola
3 Till You DieMike Viola
4 I’m Not Over YouMike Viola
5 Truckstop SweetheartMike Viola
6 Love Like HerMike Viola
7 Catch Your BreathMike Viola
8 Girl In My HairMike Viola
9 Canned HuntMike Viola



The legendary 1996 Candy Butchers self-titled album is often referred to as "The Blue Thumb Album" in reference to the band's label.  Blue Thumb Records shut down shortly after the Candy Butchers album was completed, leaving the project shelved indefinitely.  The music took on a life of its own as a bootleg until it was finally released by Mike in December of 2012.  The "Blue Thumb Alternates" is a collection of demos that came out of these recording sessions.