Candy Butchers (Vinyl Release)

      by Candy Butchers

TrackTitleWritten By
1 I Will Not Be AfraidMike Viola
2 Cupid Complained To VenusMike Viola
3 What I Won’t GiveMike Viola
4 Love Like HerMike Viola
5 Life MagazineMike Viola
6 I’m Not Over YouMike Viola
7 Truckstop SweetheartMike Viola
8 DogmaticMike Viola
9 Love’s Long SleepMike Viola
10 Catch Your BreathMike Viola
11 Never Going Back AgainMike Viola
12 Bells on a LeperMike Viola
13 Death RattleMike Viola


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Often referred to as "The Blue Thumb Album", this legendary 1996 Candy Butchers self-titled recording finally saw the light of day when Mike's own label released it in limited numbers on vinyl in December of 2012. Blue Thumb Records shut down shortly after the Candy Butchers album was completed, leaving the project shelved indefinitely.  The music took on a life of its own as a bootleg and had a different track listing and mixes of each song.  In preparation of the 2012 release, Mike revisited the original recordings and released the mixes that he originally intended for the project.